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Top Dockless eScooter Companies to Join Bird & Lime in Louisville

Good news for all the fans of electric scooters. Recently, a brand new set of electric scooters appeared on the streets of Louisville. This is the time to celebrate for e-Scooter riders. Companies like Lime and Bird have introduced 150 scooters in the city and may release more if riders demand calls for them.

Louisville has offered licenses to five leading business operators including Cycle Hop, Lyft, Spin, Bolt, and Jump.

As per the Louisville city policy, the vehicles will be permitted to operate within the Watterson Expressway including areas like Iroquois Park and Shawnee Park. 

Here, these offered licenses are probationary and will be expired after six months. Companies can begin their fleet of 150 dockless vehicles and can boost the vehicles as per the need & requirements of the local people.

If the ridership exceeds more than 4 rides per day, the companies are allowed to increase the fleet by 100 vehicles per month. During the probation period, they can fleet 650 vehicles. Operators are allowed to operate 1,050 vehicles if they can complete the probationary period while matching the performance parameters..

For the residents, these scooters are certainly going to help them in their daily lives. Now, they can easily reach their destination without polluting the environment and by avoiding traffic jams.

How it will affect the App Industry?

Although it is good news for scooter companies, it can be beneficial for the mobile app industry too. More and more cities are embracing pollution-free transport mediums. It is a good sign to attract a good crowd in this sector eventually will help to create new opportunities for the mobile app industry. A well-functioning digital system will be required to manage all the commuting activities. You can say, this is the perfect time to enter the market and run alongside the top brands. 

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