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Essential Building Blocks in Social Media App Development

3 Essential Building Blocks in Social Media App Development

From a business point of view, social media is still an important market and growing rapidly. As this segment is already crowded with established players, but if you go with the right technologies opportunities success can be achieved. You know about some of the most popular names in the industry which are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Whatsapp and they are famous for their engaging content. 

Facts you should know about Social Media

More than 3 billion users are active on social network platforms across the world.

People are more curious about big brands compared to following celebrities

80% of people follow at least one business on Instagram.

Reasons why Social Media App Development Can Help your Business

More Brand Awareness

Reach Target Audience Instantly

Boost Sales

Create Organic Traffic

Promoting Content

Build your Brand Image

To succeed on a social media platform, it is mandatory to build a mobile application. During app development, time and cost are always related to the backend. To do this, there are three elements you need to consider in your social media marketing strategy. These 3 essential building blocks will help define your efforts and keep you on your business goals while managing your brand image with every post and every interaction, every day.

Here are three essential building blocks:

The social media platforms are set upon three fundamental features of which are Connection, Profile, and Feeds.


When you create a marketing plan you must be very clear about what you want people to do after watching your content. As your goal will likely be different with every campaign so make your plan carefully. Making a connection with your target audience is very important and it can be in the form of content, SMS, group, search, and recommendation. The customer can be a reader, traveler or it could be anything. You can use the group to make connections with people. You can also send invites for an event and sell event tickets through a social media app. It can help you to earn money. 

2. Profile 

The user profile is your biggest asset in the social media community. You can connect your social media app to existing social networks to reach a larger audience. The signup process is also an effective way where you make a user profile by asking them to enter their email id and password. 

3. Feeds

Feeds is the third important building block for a social media app development project. Feeds is an online display timeline where your content will appear in the form of audio, video, photos, etc. You must divide this content into the basis of two categories

(a) Users can upload or Share their Life Activities- Your app must allow users to upload their status in the form of photos and videos.

(b) Geographical Based Contents- You can also figure out what people are doing or at what place they are through app data. Location-based APIs can be used to retrieve a specific location from your mobile network provider.

3 Points to Remember While Making your Social 

If you want to boost sales you should be measuring click-rates, conversion sales, and e-commerce sales.

If you like customer loyalty, you must track the engagement, influence, and sentiment of users.

For making brand awareness, you can measure community growth, likes, subscribers, and engagement.


Social media app development seems easy in the first place but still, it requires professional help. If you are searching for a reputed app development company, EIY SYS can be the most viable choice for you. 

At EIY SYS we believe, with good ideas, our expertise, and a strong social media marketing professional team are enough to build a successful project that can help your business to grow and bring loyal customers. 



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