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What is Crypto Exchange?

As the cryptocurrency is getting popular in the mainstream market, many leading countries have removed the ban on it. From a business perspective, this is the perfect time to start your own crypto exchange platform. With such a larger crypto user base, there are ample opportunities to make a profit faster. Very few exchange firms are offering customer-centric services. With the world-class crypto exchange solutions from EIY SYS, you can also be an important part of the digital revolution.

Exclusive Features of Our Crypto Exchange

Apart from building top-notch crypto exchange platforms, we have also mentioned the top features that are vital for the software to run smoothly to get the maximum outputs.

Trade Charts & Graphs

API Integration


Advanced Admin Panel

Two Factor Verification

GDPR Compliant Software

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Services we Provide

Fiat-to-crypto Trading

We help in building a world-class Fiat-to-crypto trading platform that reduces delays in transactions to enjoy a seamless experience while converting fiat currency to crypto.


We create decentralized exchange platforms that help in direct interaction between buyers and sellers without disclosing their identities and prevent unwanted price movements.

Marketing Solutions

Get a better user engagement through our cryptocurrency exchange marketing services and boost up your business through referral programs, mining programs, etc.

Margin Trading

With marginal trading, traders can amplify their earning potential when buying or selling cryptocurrency. It allows them to achieve more complex and active trading techniques.

Spot Trading

Our high-end Spot Trading solutions support open and close orders in large amounts without any glitches. Manage your large trade orders smoothly and safely against external threats.

Liquidity Options

Our liquidity & API integration services will give you high ROI for your business as we implement live trades in your crypto website for smooth buying and selling orders in exchange.

Why Choose EIYSYS?

EIY SYS delivers top-notch custom crypto exchange solutions for global clients. We provide end-to-end solutions right from crypto exchange development to execution of blockchain. Join us to build a scalable, reliable, and highly-secured crypto exchange platform for a seamless trade. Our developers are skilled in blockchain technology and have significant experience handling in challenging projects. Our team will help you in building the best ever exchange that suits your business requirements at a minimal cost.
Skilled Developers

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