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Join the future finance revolution by leveraging the potential of decentralized finance (Defi) and transform your traditional financial services into encrypted, risk-free, and equitable Defi applications. The years of experience in the fintech industry establish EIY SYS as the primary decentralized finance (Defi) development company.

    DeFi Services We Provide

    Decentralized Token

    Decentralized Token Development

    Utilize our token development services and launch the native token for your Defi protocol and enhance the growth of your platform worldwide. Tokens are in huge demand and their value is currently higher than Bitcoin.


    Decentralized Exchange Development

    If tokens and wallets are available in the market, there will be exchanges as well and you need to choose them very smartly. We build world-class Defi-based exchanges so that your traders don’t have to search for any other platform.


    Decentralized Crypto Banking

    Our expert team makes sure your users get a seamless experience on your own decentralized online banking platform while performing tasks like withdrawals, deposits, saving of crypto assets. It can replace traditional banks.

    Defi Stalking Platform Development

    Defi Stalking Platform Development

    Give your users to win the rewards by building your staking platform. Whether you need a full-fledged staking platform on TRON or other blockchains, our personalized Defi staking platform development services will make your business popular among users.

    Defi Yield

    Defi Yield Farming Platform Development

    You can help earn more cryptocurrencies for your users through our yield farming development services. The overall success of yield farming depends upon the liquidity providers as they stake their assets in liquidity pools and perform trading in cryptos by building a market.


    Defi Lottery System Development

    We offer a digital decentralized lottery system that allows investing the capital in various other apps & reward the share of the interest earned to a winner randomly selected by the smart contracts. On the contrary, unlucky users will retrieve their investment amount.

    Defi Wallet Development

    Defi Wallet Development

    Let your users have total control over their funds with our Defi wallet development services. Our decentralized wallets help your users to gain full access to their funds without interfering with any central authority. We provide private keys to every user to avoid any type of data loss.

    Decentralized Fund

    Decentralized Fund Management

    EIY SYS provides an effective system to manage all your crypto assets in a decentralized exchange through smart control and management. Being an experienced Defi exchange development company, we deliver our services at a very low cost and save from any potential risks.


    Defi dApp Development

    To avoid the central point of failure, apps utilize the essential features of decentralized applications. The dApps are highly secured compared to centralized apps due to the absence of central authority. Build your Defi dApps and join the future finance revolution.

    DeFi: The Future of Open Finance Development

    Defi known as Decentralized Finance plays a significant role in the evolution of the financial sector overcoming the limitations in traditional finance services. Defi platforms help to deliver equal monetary services to a large part of the population that are not connected to the banking system. With the help of a smartphone, anyone can exchange money for each other and other services including loans, lending/borrowing, trading, tokenization without being connected to the traditional banking system.

    Defi is becoming popular in mainstream businesses because it cuts the transaction fee by more than 50%. The transaction performed in the Defi system will be completely transparent, highly secured, and automatic. EIY SYS as an experienced and well-reputed Defi development company ensures personalized solutions at the most affordable budget to boost up your business in no time.

    Our Premium Range of Defi Token Development Services

    As we know Defi applications and their popularity are on the rise worldwide. Among all, Defi tokens have huge demands in the international crypto market as they are easily distributed in the market. Now, a regular man can participate in the exchange of financial services with a lot of crucial benefits.

    You can assume this is probably the perfect time to invest in Defi token development. You can build your token development platform as their performance is more promising than the over-hyped cryptocurrencies. You can explore our premium range of Defi tokens in detail on our website, its benefits, and how you can begin your journey in Defi token development.

    Why Should You Choose Decentralized Finance Services ?

    Application of Smart Contracts

    One of the key benefits of Defi services is smart contracts as they are automated,non-editable mutual agreements, and protect from any kind of data forgery.

    No 3rd Party Involvement

    Make safe and instant transactions at the lowest fees as there is no 3rd party involvement between your transactions.


    Defi systems use a peer-to-peer process in a blockchain-based network with many core-operational nodes that assures any type of data breach and sudden shutdowns.


    Transparency is one of the biggest strengths of Defi as there is no unreliable central authority. It makes the whole transaction process more transparent and trustable.

    Worldwide Access

    It doesn’t discriminate whether you are poor or rich. The Defi system is available for all and can be easily accessible irrespective of people’s economic status or geographic location.


    Now, there is no need for manual interference. Defi comes with a full-automatic system where the whole system is operated by smart contracts.

    How EIY SYS can be the Perfect Development Partner for you?

    Pioneer Defi Services Provider

    A Pioneer Defi Services Provider

    EIY SYS is a pioneer blockchain service provided and we started our journey when no one heard about this industry.

    On-time & Faster Delivery

    On-time & Faster Delivery

    We understand the importance of time and project deadlines, this is why our team never fails to deliver our client’s projects on time.


    Team of Blockchain Experts

    Having blockchain experts has always been our biggest strength that has required expertise in Defi development across various industry verticals.


    24x7 Support

    We provide comprehensive 24×7 support to our clients so that your business works seamlessly and uninterrupted while using our product.


    Customer-Centric Solutions

    Client satisfaction is always our top priority and we provide Defi solutions that suit the client’s business requirements and ensure regular ROI.



    We prefer quality over quantity as our testing team applies rigorous testing techniques that ensure the final product matches all the latest industry quality standards.

    Exchange Demo

    Exchange Demo

    Empowering digital assets marketplaces with our world-class crypto exchange platform built for retail cryptocurrency investors. Use the below credentials to view the demo:

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    Frequently Asked Questions.

    How do you define Defi?

    Defi represents an open finance system over a blockchain network where users can directly participate in financial exchange services like lending, borrowing, trading etc.

    Is Defi safe?
    Without any doubt! Defi is considered as one of the safest financial systems as it applies smart contracts features to deliver a transparent exchange services over a blockchain network.
    How to earn money from Defi services?

    More you attract users on your platform, more chances will be there to earn money. Invest smartly in the market capitalization techniques, and you are ready to earn money through the distribution of Defi tokens.

    Who can use Defi?
    Any individual or a professional investor with any amount of fiat money can register on Defi platform and earn money through trading.

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