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Top 20 Hidden Features of iOS 13 You Must Check Out Now

Top 20 Hidden Features of iOS 13 You Must Check Out Now!

Apple rolls out new iPhones every year with much more exciting features than previous ones. Apple users wait for new updates impatiently. Even market buzz shows the craze about Apple mobile phones worldwide. 

In this series, a few months ago Apple released a new update as iOS 13: a new version of a mobile operating system that empowers its devices and adds features in the older versions of iOS devices including 6S and SE. 

People are speculating about new cool features in iOS 13 including dark mode, privacy feature, enhanced video editing Apple Maps, Siri Shortcuts, and much more. We have made a list of the top 20 features of iOS 13 you may have missed. So, to explore more about these features, keep reading this blog. 

Here is the list of Top 20 Hidden Features of iOS 13 you must check out now!

1. Blocking Unwanted Spam Calls

In the phone setting, now you can turn on the “Silence unknown callers” feature. It means you can easily block all the unwanted spam classes which are not in your phonebook or emails. This feature is very useful for corporate professionals.

2. Use the Smart Way of Battery Charging

This feature will help you fix your phone’s battery issue. Now, you don’t need to worry about battery draining. Your phone will not charge 100 percent every time you put it on the charge. It will charge only 80% and based on your habits, the smart battery charging system will give the final 20% power just before you remove it from power.

3. Manage data from Photos Before Sharing

In the age of Instagram, this is a very useful feature in terms of privacy. Choose any number of photos you want to share from the app. Click the Share button. But before sharing click Options at the top and you will be asked to include location data or not. Excluding the GeoIP, metadata will make it a lot difficult to track your real location hence it makes your online identity safe.

4. Swipe Fingers to Undo

This is also a fun feature. Earlier you needed to shake the phone to undo and yes we agree most of us avoid it. But in iOS 13, now Double Tap three fingers to undo. Just a triple finger swipe left for the same effect. 

5. Improved Apple Music Experience

It seems the development team of Apple is working very hard to improve its customer experience. As the company is offering a dedicated lyrics button you can tap, and the words of music will display with the song in a synchronized way. You can also search what tune’s next.  

6. Enjoy Music in your Favourite App with Siri

We all love Siri. Now, Siri will help you to play music or podcast directly from your favorite app. For instance, just say “Play Sicko Mode” in Spotify and the song will magically play in the app. This is a very fun feature for people who love music.

7. Use Silent Mode Display More Effectively

You can use the mute switch on your iPhone and you will see iOS 13 will notify you that you have toggled silent mode on/off. There is a huge improvement from the previous update of iOS 12.

8. Close Safari Tabs Automatically

Closing Safari tabs will become a lot easier in this latest iOS update. All you need to do is go to Setting>Safari>Close Tabs. Now choose any one mode like After One Day, After One Week or just keep it manually as per your requirement. 

9.Save Tabs as Bookmarks in Safari

If you don’t like closing your Safari tabs then don’t worry. Now, you can easily save them as bookmarks. Just open Safari, Tap and “Hold the Bookmarks button” and tap “Add bookmarks for tabs”. This will automatically create a bookmark for all these tabs. You can give a name to this folder and tap Save. 

10.Make your iPhone Handsfree with Mouse

If you are bored with your iPhone touching display for opening emails and finding something important. The iPhone has a new surprise for you. Now, you can use a Bluetooth mouse with iOS devices. You can pair your mouse with your phone via Settings> Accessibility>Touch >Assistive Touch >Devices> Bluetooth Devices. 

 11. Use Safari Download Manager

In the latest update of iOS 13, Safari lets you download files and manage them with the help of a download manager. Click on any link to download a file and select Yes to download. Your file will be easily downloaded and stored in the Downloads folder. You can also change the download location.

 12. Manage Settings Per Web Page

In Safari, earlier you changed features like the size of fonts and it automatically applied to every site you visited in that browser. Now, settings can be customized per website. You can set Safari settings for the desktop version of a particular site or mobile-friendly websites. This feature will give you a more fulfilling browsing experience.

13. Share Hotspot with your Family

This is one of the most useful features and you are going to love that. In the latest iOs update, you can allow your family members to connect to your iPhone hotspot when there is no internet connection. You can also connect your Mac to the hotspot whenever needed.

14. Track apps that are Tracking You

With the new update, you can see how many location tracking apps are tracking your activities. If you have given permission to use your location all the time, iOS 13 will show a map of the place it has tracked you. You can change the permission to “Only while using” or change it according to your requirements. 

15. Uninstall apps from the Update Page

Earlier we need to hold the app icon to uninstall it. But now you can delete/uninstall apps from App Store’s update page just by swiping to the left. In iOS 13, pending updates will appear under your profile page instead of a separate tab.

 16. Control Wifi & Bluetooth from the Control Center

You can say this is the most important feature in this latest update. You can long-press on the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth widget to bring up the menu and then use 3D touch on Wifi toggles to see the available networks. Now, choose accordingly. 

 17. Use Mobile Data to Download Heavy Apps

Visit Settings>iTunes & App Store and from the Mobile Data section tab App Downloads. You can choose Always Allow if you want to download all apps on mobile data. If you want to change it, set Ask if Over 200 MB. This way you can easily download large apps.

 18. Supports Dual-SIm for FaceTime

Users can now use both the linked phone numbers on FaceTime and iMessage. It will help to utilize your dual sim phone effectively. 

19. Use Low Data Mode

You can use low data mode in this latest update. Simply go to Settings> Mobile Data>Mobile data options. After that, you can enable Low Data Mode to monitor and reduce mobile data usage by these apps.

 20. Optical Character Recognition in Notes

This update will let you search text in images with the help of OCR. When you search for text in the Notes app and similar images will pop up. 

Wrapping Up

We spotted many more awesome hidden features in iOS13 but probably these were the best we could find. Which one do you like the most? Let us know and we will update them in our next exciting tech blogs. To know more about the latest updates and releases in the tech industry, keep visiting this website.  We are a renowned software development company providing latest information for the tech enthusiasts. 



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