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How iOS Mobile App Development can Help you Earn More Profit from AppStores

How iOS Mobile App Development can Help you Earn More Profit from AppStores?

Due to the increasing number of smartphone users, the demand for apps has witnessed a sharp growth in recent times. We see that these highly advanced smartphones are getting smarter with their capability to get connected to the internet. 

For sure, Android is dominating the global smartphone marketplace and around 2 billion apps are available in Google Play Store. But despite all these figures and claims, vendors are still going for the iOS platform for app development. Now, you must be wondering what makes them choose iOS than any other platform. The key reason behind its popularity because the user-base of iOS-based devices are high-income class people and they spend a good amount of money if you offer quality services through apps.  Even some industry insiders claim that the Apple Store earns double that Google play store. These figures seem shocking in the first place. The one-sided domination of iOS shows that it has more paid apps than the Google play store. 

Let’s discuss some of the top reasons why iOS is still the first choice for mobile application development and how it be beneficial for your next app development project:

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1.Finest User-Interface & UX

We all know Apple has the world-most dedicated and loyal user base because they love what they use. We often see a premium quality user interface makes their apps more attractive and compelling to users. A strong and powerful operating system offered by Apple makes app developers fall in love with their platform and inspire them to build apps with effortless UI/UX.

2. Generates More App Profit Revenue

The target audience of the iPhone is the high-income class for the premium marketplace. More money flow means better service tools and more earning from the app services. It follows a very simple rule- the higher the money involved, the better chances of revenue your app can generate from clients. The users of iPhones are likely to buy make-in-app purchases. The closed nature of iOS makes it a hacking-proof platform as compared to Android. 

3. Faster App Development Process 

This is an undeniable fact that building UI/UX for iOS devices is quite easier compared to other platforms. The whole app development process takes less time and has simpler frameworks to work with for app developers. This helps these developers to make the UI more attractive and appealing for end-users and your app is ready to launch in very less time. 

4. Lesser Bugs Issues 

The most annoying thing for any app developer is bugs and managing bugs takes more time than creating the app itself. Now imagine, if you get a bug free app how seamless development experience it will be for developers and for the users as well. One of the biggest advantages of iOS is it has a limited number of devices. The fewer the devices, the easier to develop fully-functional apps with lesser bugs in fewer lines of code.

5. More Visibility on Apple Store

As Apple is a brand itself and committed to delivering one of the best app services to its users, they manage their apps on AppStore more efficiently to give their users a better experience. Apple uses a complex algorithm to organize its premium apps into suitable categories. The reviews and rating system is so well-managed so that users can easily find the top-trending apps. If your app is given what it promises, you have higher chances of earning profit through your app. 


Wrapping Up 

To summarize this blog, we can say that getting your app developed on iOS can take your business to the next level. As the quality of apps is higher for iOS-based devices and used by higher income groups helps your business to earn more money through apps. But for proper collaboration with mobility, service providers are needed to study the market opportunities and the possibility of launching an application within a given time deadline. We at EIY SYS, have been providing world-class iOS app development services for clients across the world. 

We have an in-house team of expert iOS developers to handle all types of challenging app development requirements. Being one of the fastest emerging software development companies in India, we have witnessed tremendous growth in the last two years. Our commitment to working with the latest technological advancements makes us the most sought Mobile App Development Company in India. Contact us for app development services & consultation now!



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