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Step-by-Step Guide to Build a Flawless Voice User Interface Design

A Step-by-Step Guide to Build a Flawless Voice User Interface Design

Alexa and Siri are gaining a fair amount of attention among users across the world and people get amazed with this amazing technology. But many of us have no clue how exactly this technology works? But, don’t worry, we have got you covered everything you need to know about VUI with this useful step-to-step guide. 

Do you remember a popular scene from the Iron Man movie when Tony Stark used to operate everything with his AI assistance called Jarvis? That scene looks very fascinating on the screen and people wished something like that should be tapped into real life. But most of us have no clue, is it possible to make that happen or it was just a fictional fantasy. Then, you have stumbled upon the right place. This blog covered everything you want and need to know about VUI (Voice User Interface) and what makes them an important part of intuitive app search design.

Last year, more than 60% of online searches came through voice and specifically from the food and restaurant industry. This VUI market is hitting & 25 billion marks by the year 2025. These data are enough to show the future potential of this technology. 

What is Voice Interface Design?

As its acronym shows VUI (voice user interface) is hugely popular in mainstream technologies. This technology allows users to engage with the help of voice commands using speech recognition. With the rise of advanced technologies, voice technologies are challenging the dominance of the graphical user interface. As we know writing a blog or any text-intensive work requires the keyboard tool but for most common tasks like searches, post updates, getting directions people would rather talk. Talking can save a lot of time for users than doing physical typing. But other than time-saving, VUI has that competitive edge because voice interface design works together with tap and swipe technologies to create a better user experience.

Some of the most popular voice interfaces are Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Siri. The most crucial advantage that VUI offers is a complete eye and hands-free access to interact with the system. 

Steps to Build a Flawless Voice User Interface Design 

Step 1

Identify your Target Audience– At the first stage of designing VUI, you must apply a user-first design approach while designing digital products. Try to gather information as much as possible and analyze the behavior and requirements of the users. This information will help you to build the foundation of the product requirements. 

Step 2

Specify your Goals- In the second stage, you need to specify the ultimate business goals you are going to fulfill. This process includes creating a core idea behind the app and should be identified to be turned into a conversational dialogue flow. You need to be very clear about the value you are adding to the customer’s lives.

Step 3

Build a Prototype- Once you set your mind at the end goal, the third stage requires creating a dialogue flow for every goal you are aiming to target with your product. Some important points of a dialogue flow can be the main keywords for the interaction, probable branches where the conversation could head towards. Don’t get confused with the dialogue flow as it is a prototype illustrating the back and forth conversation between users and voice assistants. 


Step 4

Test your Final Product- We are almost at the end of the whole process. At this stage, now it’s time to test the efforts and hard work you put into the development of the project. You need to test the VUI will the real-world scenario and make sure it fulfills all the needs of goals you made earlier. This testing process can be carried out with target users as well as with test simulators. 

Step 5

Refine- Once you tested your app successfully, you are ready to launch your app in the market. After that, you can track its UX analytics. These data will help you understand how your product is being used by the end-user. Some parameters on which you can judge your app are sessions per user, behavior flows, language used, user engagement metrics, etc. 

 The Takeaway

VUI is reshaping human lives and making a remarkable impact on our daily lives. Due to the increase in demand for VUI-based products among users, VUI use continues to grow in the upcoming years. If you want to build a great VUI, you must find an elegant way to provide information to users that add value to their life. At the same time, you must be ready to handle the expectations users have from their experience with everyday conversations. 

Experts at EIY SYS have the required tools to stay coordinated and aligned with your next VUI project. They can write codes faster, make smarter design choices and develop VUI products in a given time deadline. Reach us today for our VUI development consultations and services and experience the impact of future technology with us. 



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