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5 ways Augmented Reality is Transforming the Gaming Industry

5 ways Augmented Reality is Transforming the Gaming Industry

Augmented Reality is the combination of the real & virtual world and the hugely successful launch of Pokemon in 2016 is the best real-world example of AR. Probably it was the first game to introduce AR to the masses.

It is the integration of visual game and audio content with a user environment in real-time. On the contrary, virtual reality creates completely an artificial environment. In simple words, you can understand AR uses the existing environment and creates a playing field within it. You can play these games on tablets, smartphones, and portable global gaming systems. 

This technology is gaining a fair amount of attention among gaming enthusiasts across the world and it is expected that its sales will double in the future. Some reports are claiming the augmented reality gaming industry is expected to reach almost $300 billion by 2023. 

Let’s explore how AR is transforming the gaming industry and making it revolutionary. 

 1. Exponential Growth of Gaming Industry

It’s hard to believe but AR games have gone beyond face filters and are widely embraced by some of the biggest industry leaders like Apple & Google. Undoubtedly, these companies are leaders in the mobile gaming industry due to the premium quality of the hardware.

These games provide some very addictive features which make users love their gaming products. The growth is speedy and it is helping developers to build engaging games and grow the overall gaming market.

2. Better & Advanced Gaming Consoles 

The gaming market offers a lot of highly advanced gaming consoles and sometimes it becomes very hard to choose the best gaming consoles. Every true gamer is obsessed with improved and advanced gaming consoles as it gives a breathtaking gaming experience. This technology is giving the new boost to improve this gaming experience and ready to meet their expectations.

3. AR is changing Gaming Experience 

This technology gave a new boost to the developer’s imagination. Now they can test their limits of imagination because there are so many things to do in AR. You can create a 3-D experience for the users and allow them to feel like they are interacting personally with their digital environment. Some most recent real-world examples are games like PUB-G. Most of us know it’s an addictive & unforgettable gaming experience.

4. Rapidly Replacing Older Games 

AR technology is putting tremendous pressure on other categories of gaming as this technology has huge potential to completely transform the whole gaming industry. You can say from now the whole industry will revolve around AR because people are loving it. It is bringing a complete revolution in the gaming industry and introducing new possibilities and creativity for the developers. Moreover, these apps are written in special 3D programs which give users a play-level animation experience. 

5. Change of Opinions

As we already know how AR creates a world mixed with existing reality & virtual reality, this raised more demands for smart glasses, 3D tracking, geolocation, and much more to bring creativity and exclusive games. The Augmented Reality core is used to alter user views with attractive animated 3-dimensional content. The more creative a game developer is, the more attractive game will be made for gaming enthusiasts. 

Technologies used in Building AR Games

It is pretty clear you got a fair idea about how AR gaming is changing the traditional gaming experience. But recent advancements in technology are also taking AR to the next level. Now, gamers and developers have more options to use their creativity so they can make your vision and imagination unbeatable. 

Here is the list of some of the popular technologies which are being used in developing AR games:



XCode 7


Unity 5

You can explore more about these technologies on various websites. 

Final Thought

AR gaming takes this technology a step further and can make the games thrilled about the fantasy world they are in. Pokemon Go and PUB-G are the best examples. For gaming software developers across the world, it is creating new possibilities with promising path-breaking career options. 

If we talk about its accessibility & versatility, it’s no wonder AR has found its way into our daily life. Has AR touched your daily life unexpectedly? Tell us about it in our comment box. If you have any idea for an AR app or want AR consultations for your business growth, we will be happy to help you. Feel free to contact us at any time or visit our website for more information. 




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