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EIY SYS makes your business foolproof secure & efficient with our customized bug-free smart contract solutions based on Tron, Ethereum, EOS and Dapp protocols.

    Why Should You Consider Smart Contracts for Your Business?

    The future technology is here and ready to revolutionize the world! EIY SYS offers best-in-class smart contract and Blockchain Development Services. A smart contract helps in automating the error-free execution of business contracts involving frequent manual transactions among multiple parties using blockchain technology. The potential of smart contract developments can improve transparency, efficiency, and reduced cost in the core operations.

    Regardless of whether you need your own decentralized organization oversaw framework, EIY SYS can be your blockchain-based solutions provider. Make your Smart Contracts automated, faster, decentralized, failure-proof, and much more, with our blockchain smart contract solutions.

    Awesome Features of Smart Contracts

    Cost Reduction

    Smart Contracts exclude the need for 3rd parties and save a lot of costs.


    The User’s sensitive data is secured on a shared ledger via encryption.


    Smart contracts are automatically triggered during the occurrence of a specific event.


    Smart Contracts ensure back up by storing a copy of data at multiple ledgers.

    They are transparent, open, and visible to everyone.

    It has a self-executing nature that eliminates the need for 3rd parties.

    Smart Contracts Development Platforms

    EIY SYS has a strong command of all major blockchain platforms and we strive to deliver only the best smart contact solution on the latest blockchain requirements.
    Exchange Demo

    Exchange Demo

    Empowering digital assets marketplaces with our world-class crypto exchange platform built for retail cryptocurrency investors. Use below credentials to view demo:

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    Smart Contract Development Services

    Smart contracts have become an essential part of blockchain-based business automation. Our blockchain developers are well-experienced in developing high-quality smart contracts for various industries. Having expertise in the field, our team will take care of your project in & out.

    Smart Contract Design & Development

    We build and design smart contracts including Hyperledger, Ethereum, etc with advanced & customizable features. Our developers supply decentralized web solutions for eCommerce, finance, supply chain, etc.

    Build Decentralized Apps

    Build world-class DApps with our smart contracts that are designed for direct interaction between two trading or transaction parties. It works seamlessly and helps in achieving business goals.

    Smart Contract Optimization
    We provide affordable Ethereum gas while building smart contracts. Our optimized smart contracts can help in reducing the wastage of ethereum gas before deployment for a smooth work process.
    Blockchain Ecosystem

    Being a leading blockchain company allows us to deliver a wide range of cryptocurrency trading apps, crypto wallets, multiform exchanges to our global clients for transparent & error-free transactions.

    Smart Contract Audit

    EIY SYS offers smart contract audit services to ensure smart contracts are free from any bugs. We follow strict auditing practice like automated audit testing & zero breach computer based smart contracts.

    Smart Contracts for Digital Wallets
    We build digital wallets with smart contracts to allow businesses to execute reliable and fast transactions without involving any third-party. Our smart contracts also strengthen safe storage and exchange of digital assets.

    What Makes EIY SYS the Perfect Choice for Smart Contract Development

    Having expertise is always a bonus and we are one of them. The blockchain developers team at EIY SYS, believes in innovation and commitment to delivering best-in class blockchain solutions. Our team has specialization in building customized smart solutions on Ethereum blockchain platform and always ready to provide you the required assistance right from identifying the business need to deployment of the project.

    Stay ahead in the fastest-growing blockchain technology to bring scalability and efficiency in your business with EIY SYS Blockchain Development Services. We help businesses to transform the development process with our reliable smart contract development solutions.

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