What is WordPress

WordPress is probably the best, easiest and most powerful blog and website content management system (CMS) basically, it is an Open-source, online website written in PHP.


What WordPress can Do?

WordPress provides a variety of platform for websites such as Blogging, Business, eCommerce and for Portfolio website. EIY SYS also uses WordPress, now you can guess how good is word press.


Who uses WordPress?

As mentioned earlier, EIY SYS also uses WordPress and we prefer WordPress to a large scale because it is secure and most important it is Time-saving. Fortune 500 companies and celebrities also use word press. WordPress is used by good companies to publish their content on the web.

For example, The New York Times and CNN use WordPress.


Advantages of WordPress:

  • Easy to Use: Even a beginner can start using WordPress for making blog or website
  • SEO Friendly
  • Multiple Themes Option
  • Responsive Design
  • Plugins and Customization
  • Self Hosted Platform


How to get started with WordPress?

WordPress is 100% Free. It can also be downloaded for self-hosted installation.

  • Go to WordPress.com > Get Started > Enter your details and sign up.
  • Create Your WordPress Website by inserting your desired name of website/blog and check for its availability.
  • Once you are done with this, start searching for customized themes for word press and implement it. I prefer you to use Responsive word press theme for a better user experience.
  • After this, Start Posting to Increase traffic, make it SEO friendly. it can only be achieved if you have a quality content.

Refer EIY SYS articles for more information on SEO and submission of website to Google.


Whether you are a small organization or a big organization or even individual word press is the best and easiest to be implemented, a much-reputed organization like CNN, The New York Times, EIY SYS uses word press to publish their content on the web.

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