Samsung Galaxy S10 With Inbuilt Cryptocurrency Wallet

South Korean tech Giant Samsung becomes the first major smartphone maker to include a Cryptocurrency wallet in its latest flagship Galaxy S10. This wallet would allow users to store virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum in addition to Cosmo coin. It’s a cold storage wallet which means it doesn’t require an active internet connection to store and handle Cryptocurrencies. These all-new Galaxy S10 models also support select decentralized apps aka Dapps, and the primary Dapp on the flagship phones is Cosmee, and it lets users earn and spend Cosmo tokens in exchange for reviewing the beauty app.

Samsung has also announced the support for the Cryptocurrency called the Enjin coin. Enjin is an Ethereum-based digital currency for gamers that was founded in South Korea. This Enjin wallet would enable transactions for ERC-20 tokens and ERC-1155 crypto game assets. It also said that it would support contactless payments using Cryptocurrencies. Back in December 2018, Samsung was rumoured to have Bitcoin app in development with a cold wallet to save Cryptocurrencies but the company dismissed the idea of an integrated crypto wallet as “rumour and speculation”.

Strikingly, Samsung isn’t only Smartphone vendor that has brought Cryptocurrency support to its top-end models. Before Samsung, HTC announced its collaboration with Opera Browser and added support for multiple Dapps. Exodus, developed by consumer electronics giant HTC has been available for preorder from last October and can be purchased with Cryptocurrency. It has a Zion Cryptocurrency wallet for storing digital tokens.

Before HTC and now Samsung seems to kick off a revolution in Smartphone technology.

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