How to Submit Website/Blog to Search Engine (Google)

Want your Blog or Website to rank on top in Google search? Do you think your website has quality content and quality audience that can help you rank on top in searches?

NO, your website/blog cannot top the searches whether you have a quality content, quality audience, huge traffic but still you will fail to top the searches. If your blog/website has not yet index forget about that you will ever top the search and I will suggest you quit blogging and start doing something else. If you have not submitted your website for indexing in Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.) Do it Now! Otherwise, there is no proof of your website/blog in this mighty World of Technology.

There are many users out there who are not very much acquainted with the procedure on “How to Submit Website/Blog to Search Engine“. The steps are quiet and simple to be applied before moving on steps to submit Website/Blog to search engine, let us know why indexing is really important?


Why you should submit your Website to search engines?

Although Search engines can crawl the web automatically but still if you submit your website manually, you will have better opportunities of supplying useful information and URLs that Google was unable to crawl. it helps to improve your website and

  • Will alert you if and when potential problems or errors occur on your website.
  • Offer some insights as to how they view your website in their respective “management and dashboards”.

How to submit your website to Google?

Google discontinued their URL submission in July 2018. Now the only way to submit your website is by adding sitemap in Search Console.


What is a Sitemap?

It’s a file that lists all the Pages of a website in an XML file. It is usually located at “”, if you don’t see it go to “” this will usually list the sitemap URL.

Now, Follow the steps to submit your Website to Google:

  1. Go to Search Console.
  2. Select your Property i.e. Your Blog/Website.
  • If you have no property in your section you need to add and verify your website in Google Webmaster tool before doing this.
  1. Add your sitemap link to it and Submit it.


[gdlr_core_space height=”50px”]

If you want to submit a single Web page you can do it by going to:


  • Next, a modal will be opened Click on Request Index and then select crawl this URL only and press okay.


  • You have Successfully Submitted your website/blog to Google.

How to check if your website is Indexed?

Search on Google Using “site:” syntax




Indexing is really very important for a website. if you want to check for further errors you can check website related or crawl related error in Search Console.

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