When we hear name Crypto or Cryptocurrency, the word Bitcoin strikes to our mind. Bitcoin was and is leading the crypto market since its launch. 10 years back when bitcoin was first introduced its value was less than a dollar and till 2016 many of us have not even heard about it, But in 2017, It was a Golden time for crypto, in 2017 cryptocurrency dominated the year which made cryptocurrency an easy way for many investors to become rich. The market was up by more than 7 times their price in 2016. Cryptocurrency gained a lot of attention and fame that it was most searched and a trending topic on Google. Everyone was interested to invest some penny in cryptocurrency as the rates of bitcoin was too high and to get profit, people invested their money in alt coins, thinking that they will become rich. Unfortunately, nothing happened crypto market started sinking after January 2018 and no growth was seen after that. People believe the market will again go up in December, but these are only assumptions. Most people think decision of the Indian Government on declaring Bitcoin illegal, market has crashed but that is not the reason, market does not depend on it because India has very less investor, Countries like: USA, UK, China, Japan, South Korea, and Russia are the big investor and they can affect the market. Not going too deep in this let’s analyze why the cryptocurrency is falling.


Why is Crypto Market falling down?


1. Media Coverage: Due to Bad media coverage, public perception changes with headlines of crashes as well as negative statements from financial institutions questioning the validity of currency. I still remember when JP Morgan threatened his employees if anyone will invest in bitcoin he will fire him from the job. These type of statements affect the market.


2. Inadequate Government: Bitcoin is decentralized and has no central authority regulating it. This allows users to avoid regular payment processes charged by the government. It is easy and cheap to lots of users because it means zero inflation or the central It also attracts cyber thieves who love stealing without leaving a digital footprint. Governments have refused to adopt the currency because financial institutions and banks are concerned about its ability to commit crimes. Earlier this year, the Finance minister of India Arun Jaitley said that “cryptocurrencies would not be recognized as a legal tender by the country“.


3. Lack of Security: For Bitcoin to gain stability, merchants, and consumers need a safe spot to store funds. Sadly, security issues are affecting the trust of the public in bitcoin. Cyber thieves have stolen lots of money from crypto exchanges. Last year, two exchange sites were robbed by hackers and for security reason, they were forced to pause the transaction for some days.


There is not a lot of more to discuss why a crypto market is falling, because we can’t predict what can happen next, Experts had failed in predicting whether the market will go up or down. Many of the Experts and also the trend cryptocurrency follows show the time is very close when a new record will be recorded. Probably, This New Year will give us a new record price of bitcoin. As per Tom Lee, “Bitcoin Price will reach to $15,000 this year-end“. So, at the End I just want to say cryptocurrency is unpredictable you don’t know when Crypto market will fall and when it will catch the skyrocket.

Want your Blog or Website to rank on top in Google search? Do you think your website has quality content and quality audience that can help you rank on top in searches?

NO, your website/blog cannot top the searches whether you have a quality content, quality audience, huge traffic but still you will fail to top the searches. If your blog/website has not yet index forget about that you will ever top the search and I will suggest you quit blogging and start doing something else. If you have not submitted your website for indexing in Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.) Do it Now! Otherwise, there is no proof of your website/blog in this mighty World of Technology.

There are many users out there who are not very much acquainted with the procedure on “How to Submit Website/Blog to Search Engine“. The steps are quiet and simple to be applied before moving on steps to submit Website/Blog to search engine, let us know why indexing is really important?


Why you should submit your Website to search engines?

Although Search engines can crawl the web automatically but still if you submit your website manually, you will have better opportunities of supplying useful information and URLs that Google was unable to crawl. it helps to improve your website and

  • Will alert you if and when potential problems or errors occur on your website.
  • Offer some insights as to how they view your website in their respective “management and dashboards”.

How to submit your website to Google?

Google discontinued their URL submission in July 2018. Now the only way to submit your website is by adding sitemap in Search Console.


What is a Sitemap?

It’s a file that lists all the Pages of a website in an XML file. It is usually located at “www.yourdomain.com/sitemap.xml”, if you don’t see it go to “www.yourdomain.com/robots.txt” this will usually list the sitemap URL.

Now, Follow the steps to submit your Website to Google:

  1. Go to Search Console.
  2. Select your Property i.e. Your Blog/Website.
  • If you have no property in your section you need to add and verify your website in Google Webmaster tool before doing this.
  1. Add your sitemap link to it and Submit it.


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If you want to submit a single Web page you can do it by going to:


  • Next, a modal will be opened Click on Request Index and then select crawl this URL only and press okay.


  • You have Successfully Submitted your website/blog to Google.

How to check if your website is Indexed?

Search on Google Using “site:” syntax

Syntax: site:yourdomain.com/page-to-check/



Indexing is really very important for a website. if you want to check for further errors you can check website related or crawl related error in Search Console.

With the unfolding of modern Technologies and Increase in demand of Digital Marketing, Business are all doing good, they are growing to a large number with making Tons of Profit and The Winner of the game Digital Marketing is SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization which plays an important role in the increase in demand of Digital marketing. So, let’s start with what is SEO before that let us know Why SEO is Important.


Why SEO is Important?

Often many Local Businesses ends up due to lack of Digital Marketing and also seen small businesses start to grow with help of Digital Marketing. It not only Increases the audience but also helps you in standing out of the crowd with an increase in demand.


What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of affecting the online visibility of a Website/Blog. It helps in Increasing Website Traffic, audience, rankings and the main thing growth of your website.

To understand what actually SEO means lets, break SEO down and look at its part:

Quality of Traffic: it helps in growing traffic, not visitors but it grows quality traffic user come to your web page who is genuinely interested in your products or services.

The quantity of Traffic: it helps in growing traffic not the fake views but the genuine one.

Rankings: It helps in ranking you higher in Google Search results and your website rankings on Alexa.


How SEO works?

Suppose you searched for a particular topic on a search engine (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.) and you get a list of numerous of a website that could potentially answer your question.

But, have you ever thought what’s going behind it.

Here’s how it works: Search Engine (Google, Yahoo!, etc.) has a crawler that goes out and gathers information related to the keywords used by you in a search bar. The crawler brings out all the information gathered to build an index. That index is then fed through an algorithm that tries to match all data with your searched keywords.


Types of SEO:


On-Site SEO: Also known as ON Page-SEO. Main goal of ON – Site SEO is to:

To understand what a webpage is about.

Identify the webpage is relevant to searched keywords.

The page is useful and worthy of ranking containing quality content.


Off-Site SEO: Also known as OFF Page- SEO. It works outside the website to impact your rankings within search engine result pages.



Digital Marketing is growing and will tend to grow further and the main role is played by SEO in growing it. Every Technology or Field gets outdated but Digital Marketing is the only field which will certainly grow more in coming days.

WordPress is probably the best, easiest and most powerful blog and website content management system (CMS) basically, it is an Open-source, online website written in PHP.


What WordPress can Do?

WordPress provides a variety of platform for websites such as Blogging, Business, eCommerce and for Portfolio website. EIY SYS also uses WordPress, now you can guess how good is word press.


Who uses WordPress?

As mentioned earlier, EIY SYS also uses WordPress and we prefer WordPress to a large scale because it is secure and most important it is Time-saving. Fortune 500 companies and celebrities also use word press. WordPress is used by good companies to publish their content on the web.

For example, The New York Times and CNN use WordPress.


Advantages of WordPress:

  • Easy to Use: Even a beginner can start using WordPress for making blog or website
  • SEO Friendly
  • Multiple Themes Option
  • Responsive Design
  • Plugins and Customization
  • Self Hosted Platform


How to get started with WordPress?

WordPress is 100% Free. It can also be downloaded for self-hosted installation.

  • Go to WordPress.com > Get Started > Enter your details and sign up.
  • Create Your WordPress Website by inserting your desired name of website/blog and check for its availability.
  • Once you are done with this, start searching for customized themes for word press and implement it. I prefer you to use Responsive word press theme for a better user experience.
  • After this, Start Posting to Increase traffic, make it SEO friendly. it can only be achieved if you have a quality content.

Refer EIY SYS articles for more information on SEO and submission of website to Google.


Whether you are a small organization or a big organization or even individual word press is the best and easiest to be implemented, a much-reputed organization like CNN, The New York Times, EIY SYS uses word press to publish their content on the web.

Have you ever seen a small organization or business rising with online Promotions? I am sure your answer will be YES. Often you must have seen local business persons don’t have their own website they only promote their product by giving discounts and providing its details in only their own store. No one outside its store will ever know the offer if they had not visited the store and if the store owner decided to promote its product on Social Media his income will boost by 250% because more people will get to know about the offer more will come resulting in growth in business and income.

Nowadays, individuals are earning a lot of money just by promoting products in Social Media which is a professional language it is termed Social Media Marketing (SMM). Today, we will discuss in detail about Social Media Marketing and how to start with Social Media Marketing but before that, I personally suggest you if you want to expand your business or want to get fame you should consult Social Media Marketing Specialist to really get results. We at EIY SYS will help you get the name and fame that you wanted, we are professional in Social Media Marketing (SMM) and we assure you to expand your business and your profit by double.


What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a type of internet marketing which uses the benefits of social networking sites as a tool of promoting websites which help in increase in traffic. Social Media Marketing is based on the principle of organic search, which simply means when a website is listed on social media it gets more active, the website position on search engine also rises.

How to Increase Traffic (SEO)

How to submit your website to Search Engine


Social media Marketing (SMM) is of two types:


Active Social Media Marketing (SMM):

Active social media marketing (SMM) which means active promotion which basically means adding links to social media to generate traffic.

Best Active Social Media Marketing (SMM) are:

  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook
  3. Google+
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Pinterest
Passive Social Media Marketing (SMM): 

Passive social media marketing (SMM) which means promoting content via uploading status, publishing images, tweets etc. By using passive social media marketing we can analyze user experience to solve problems and remove dissatisfaction.



Social Media Marketing (SMM) plays an important role in uplifting a company or an organization profile. if social media marketing is done in the right way you can expect a lot of fame and more profit. if you want to grow your audience and most important profit you should consult experts. We at EIY SYS have a lot of experience in social media marketing (SMM). Feel Free to contact us we will surely help you and will help you in standing top of the crowd.