What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click, PPC is a very common and is an essential part for marketing the business, It is a model of Internet Marketing in which advertiser pay a fee each time when their ads are clicked. Basically, it is a way of buying visits for your site rather than earning them. EIY SYS provides pay per click service and we assure you a huge traffic.

Search engine advertising is one of the popular forms of Pay Per Click (PPC). It allows advertisers to bid for ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored link when someone searches for a keyword that is related to the advertiser offers. Google Ad words is an example of Pay Per Click (PPC) service. whenever you search any keyword on Google, you can check the first link, there must be written an AD on Top-Left of the link. small and large businesses use pay per click (PPC) for their growth.

Every time the ad is clicked, sending a visitor to our website, we have to pay the fee to search engine. It proves to be profitable if we are paying $2 for a click and getting $200 sale from it.


Pay Per Click (PPC) Keyword Research

Keyword research for pay per click an be time-consuming, but it is really important. your entire pay per click campaign is built around keywords. Here are the basic guidelines on how an effective Pay per Click (PPC) list should be:

1. Relevant: You have to find targeted keywords that will lead to higher pay per click rate, effective cost per click and increased profits.

2. Exhausted: Your keyword research should not only contain popular keywords but also to the long tail of search. Long tail keywords are less common and more specific, but they help for the majority of search driven-traffic. they are also less expensive.

3. Expansive: Pay Per Click (PPC) is iterative. You have to constantly refine them to grow.

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